Boom Trikes Tenerife

The Teide Tour

About the Tour

Prepare to feel the wind in your face during our 4.5-5 hours guided tour; you can see 75% of Tenerife with 3 or 4 stops.

We will start your tour from our office or from your hotel. We will take you to see the beautiful wonders of the volcanic scenery and visit Villaflor and many other small villages on route to Teide and will also travel onto Teide National Park. Your guide will stop at various points which is your opportunity to take some memorable photographs and information which is given by your guide on various points of interest.​

Teide National Park is a national park located in Tenerife. The national park is centered on Mount Teide, the highest mountain of Spain in addition, the highest volcano in the Atlantic Ocean islands and the third highest volcano in the world from its base in the ocean floor. Its national park status was passed on 22 January 1954, making it the third-oldest national park in Spain.​

We make a refreshment stop for food and drink but the cost for refreshments is not included in the price.

Only €155.00 pp based on 2 persons on a chauffeur driven trike

(IGIC 7% (tax) is included in the tour price)