Boom Trikes Tenerife

About us

Hi, from Maria & Ian

We are a local family run business where we put our customers’ safety first and offer the best quality in tours to ensure that everyone has a safe and FABULOUS tour with Boom Trikes which gives the ride and experience of your lives by giving a “RIDE YOUR DREAM” experience.

Our customers can choose from a list of tours with a FABULOUS Chauffeur driven trike to give you a great ride experience which we believe no other trike will match the Boom Trike Experience as they are a in a league of their own and nothing can touch them as they are so different to general trikes as Boom Trikes are at the top end of the market for quality and no other trike ride even comes close. The only hard decision will be is deciding which one of our fantastic tours to choose from which is why our customers return to us time and time again and choosing another great tour experience which is one of the best trike tours on the Island.