What is a Trike?

A Trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicle, with two wheels in the back making it safe and comfortable to drive.

Boom Trikes Tenerife FAQ

Are the Trikes automatic?

Our Trikes have a automatic transmission .

What kind of driver’s license should I have?

Any regular valid driver license.

Can we take the Trikes by ourselves and make our own tour?

No, it’s a guided tour and you drive your own Trike.

Is it required to wear helmets?


Do we pay cash or with credit card?

Both cash and credit cards are accepted. (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and cash)

Can we bring our children on the tour?

No Child under the age for 8 years old and must have a minimum height of 1.25 cm and the child must be accompanied by an appropriate aduld.

Boom Trikes Tenerife SAFETY

Are we taking the Trikes off-road?

No, these Trikes are not suitable for off-road usage.

Can we swim at any of the beaches during the tour?

To cover as many attractions during our tour we can only stop at the beaches for pictures, so we just pass on our way to other attractions. So no, there is no swimming at any of the beaches.

What if it’s rains?

Since Tenerife is ‘one happy Island’ it almost never rains. When it does, we have to cancel your tour. We will try to reschedule, if possible.

Mustang Family – Fun for the whole family


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Mustang Family

The Mustang is also available as Family trike with 3 seats. Based on the established previous Family II Muscle model, the chassis has been re-designed. When you drive with only two persons, the co-driver can sit centrally. Due to the folding passenger protection bar, getting on or off the trike is quite easy for the co-driver. The width of the passenger seat was enlarged by approx.10 cm. The windbreak and the center of gravity are optimized by considerably deeper positioned seats. The standard trunk of 240 liters and the big luggage rack of the Mustang Family trike offer storage space for the whole family.

As short version: available for drivers with a body height of approx. 160 cm to approx. 180 cm.

As long version: available for drivers with a body height starting from 180 cm, a frame extension is recommened.The  Mustang Family is upgradable with a Liftomatic too.